Trusting People and Equipment

Tara McDonald / Jay Style and the Next Big Summer Hit


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The track "Finally" by Jay Style and Tara McDonald has all the makings of a summer anthem. In creating the song, the two outstanding artists relied on trust and flawless technology.

  • Author: Simon E. Fuchs
  • Photos: DJ Marketing Communication Ltd.
  • Video: DJ Marketing Communication Ltd.

At the next beach party or while enjoying an aperitif on the terrace of your favorite bar - soon, the summer anthem "Finally" by Jay Style and Tara McDonald and featuring Cozi will be heard everywhere. For the French producer and English vocalist, the electro-song with its catchy melody isn't just a hit. Rather, it is the essence of their long cooperation, their mutual trust and the joy of making music together.

It was clear to both of them when they met on the television show "The Voice" that they fit well together. "Jay is a special person and a gifted DJ", says Tara McDonald. She immediately signed him to a contract with her publishing company "Give Me More Music". The exchange of ideas with Tara was important for Jay Style. "I trust her completely", he says.

Shape the Future of Audio - Honest collaborations are important to Tara McDonald

When Tara McDonald is working on a song, collaboration is more important to her than the music as such. She's the female vocalist on several current electro tracks and has worked in the studio together with David Guetta and Snoop Dogg. In her radio show "I Like This Beat" McDonald introduces the people behind the current electro-hymns - the DJs, of course, but she prefers featuring the singers, who often stand in the shadow of the biggest names.

Jay Style could become one of the next big names in the French DJ cosmos. He produces, plays in clubs and is currently under contract with Warner Music. He is a rising star who, like McDonald, moves fluidly between the stage, the studio and radio.

Her creed is team work defined by respect and openness. "You have to trust yourself and the other person", says McDonald. Early on, she worked together with Jay Style on their newest song snippets via Skype, developing new ideas from afar. "Every opinion was important and was heard", says McDonald.

Tara MacDonald & Jay Style
„With Sennheiser, I know that they really care about the sound.“

For Jay Style, affinity and mutual understanding also play a significant role in his work. "If you don't get along, working together in the studio is hell", he says. To produce hits, the personal level is particularly important for Jay Style. Right after that comes equipment, and he expects the best possible quality. That's why he is a big fan of the D-01 digital microphone from Neumann. For him, its ease of use and fair price is unbeatable. "It allows me to concentrate on the artistic work with the emotions in Tara's voice", Jay Style says.

Concentrating on what is essential - that's also important to Tara McDonald in her live performances. With all the attention paid to DJs in clubs, though, very little is left for the singers. That's why she travels from gig to gig with her own technician and equipment. She has often been told in clubs that, as a singer, she doesn't need her own monitor. "How can that be?" she wonders. To ensure the best possible sound quality, she uses in-ear headphones from Sennheiser at all of her appearances. They are the only ones that enable her to hear all of the nuances. "I demand an honest mix", says McDonald. She wants to hear what the audience hears, without embellishment. "With Sennheiser, I know that they really care about the sound", says McDonald.

Tara McDonald and Jay Style are excited about Sennheiser's newly developed AMBEO®-3D technology. The system would open up new possibilities for in-club sound for Tara McDonald. "You would be able to hear even more tonal accents", she says. She compares the technological advancement with a portrait: Instead of a flat, two-dimensional image, you have the kind of depth offered by a statue. "It would be an awesome experience", she says.

Jay Style believes 3D sound is the future of audio. During live appearances, he says, it would enable the audience to be in the middle of the song and to discern individual elements to an unprecedented degree. "That would be magical for producers like me. We would have so many possibilities to distribute the sound throughout the space", he says.

The current single "Finally" by Jay Style and Tara McDonald has already climbed to number eight on the DJ Buzz Chart in France. It will certainly not be the last time the producer and the singer work together. Perhaps their next track will even appear in AMBEO®-3D quality.

"It allows me to concentrate on the artistic work with the emotions in Tara's voice." Jay Style on the Neumann D-01 microphone.