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Enough already with the bossa nova: A beach town in Brazil has become the new hot spot for global e-music. Since Green Valley opened, the best DJs in the world – and a happy crowd – spend hot nights in the rain forest.

  • Author: Janna Cramer
  • Photos: GREEN VALLEY
„The slightly different jungle camp: dance raves in the rain forest“

A cream colored canopy arches over the dance floor, reflecting a myriad of disco beam lights. In the back, you can see and touch rainforest leaves and trees. The DJ and his or her team are high up on a stage that towers over the happy crowd like a huge throne, the dancers’ arms swing in wave movements to the beat. This is Green Valley, a vibrant outdoor night club in Balneário Camboriù, a beach resort town at the southern Brazilian coast. House parties here are special: They offer a lot of style, and a truly unique ambiance.

The founders wanted to combine the lush green surroundings with their fancy dance venue. The size of the club area is about 10,000 square meters (roughly 2.5 acres). There are a couple of VIP lounges that offer great views of the dance floor, the three lakes on the property, and of course of the rain forest, too. The appeal of this club is clearly the mix of party life and relaxation. Both come with lots and lots of greens.

Green Valley opened in November 2007 — and quickly rose to the top. DJs from all over the world come to work here: Fatboy Slim, Sven Väth, David Guetta, and Paul van Dyk all love to use the turntables in the jungle. Clearly, it is something special to spin in this atmosphere — not to mention experience the exuberance of the dancing crowd, locals and tourists alike.

It wasn’t always this way: Only since the Brazilian middle class has emerged has there been the means for such partying on weekends. „Forget the bossa nova“, wrote Forbes magazine, elektro music has become the soundtrack to Brazil’s new prosperity.“ When DJ Guetta is in town, people pay $600 to see him. Successful clubs like Green Valley symbolize the new affluence, and there are five more in the country that count to the best of the world. In one single party night, Green Valley sometimes has a turnover of $ 1,6 million. Fun means big business: Together with the US, France, the UK and Germany, Brazil has become one of the leading e-scene markets.

The next club is just around the corner

At Green Valley, they really try to make the experience unforgettable. In those elegant VIP lounges, a private waiter serves cold drinks all (hot) night long, and of course, patrons can always help themselves at the mini-bar: There is one in every lounge. Such little extras are not only supposed to spoil the customers, they are necessary to beat the competition. Only a couple of minutes away, another renowned club has opened: „Warung“ tries to woo the same audience.

So far, Green Valley doesn’t get cold feet. A couple of thousands come each night.

Address: Avenida Rio Marmoré no. 1083, Rio Pequeno, Camboriú, Santa Catarina, 88340-000 Brazil
Capacity: 8000
Dress code: casual. But of course, you can always dress up
Open from 11pm to 7am
Tickets: starting at 40 Real (11 €) (dancefloor), at 90 Real (25 €) (VIP area)
Peculiarity: tickets only at – order, print out and show at entry