Studio Headphones

When it comes to audio quality, the studio has to be a no-compromise zone. Which makes it the perfect place for Sennheiser products. Sennheiser headphones, in this case.

Broadcast Headphones

When you’re in charge of the sound of a program, you had better make sure it comes across in the best quality possible. Sennheiser has the professional equipment you can rely on in any broadcast scenario.

DJ Headphones

Sennheiser is the favorite choice of many great DJs. Our sturdy, intelligently designed headphones have a built-in understanding of how DJs work—and provide outstanding sound. They are guaranteed to become an integral part of your set.

AMBEO 3D Audio

The video you capture on your smartphone is in incredible visual definition. Your audio should be just as pristine. Discover the AMBEO Smart Headset and bring rich, 3D audio to bear on all your high-definition videos.

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Headphones and headsets for professional applications.

Studio and Monitoring

A natural and detailed sound, effective noise attenuation, and the ability to handle high volume levels should be in the DNA of every headphones made to cope with the studio routine, as well as a robust construction and excellent wearing comfort. In addition, Sennheiser throws in intelligent features such as ActiveGard®, which protects from extreme audio peaks, and intuitive operation. To top it off, high-quality headset microphones ensure outstanding speech intelligibility in any surrounding. After all, we’ve been developing studio equipment for over 70 years.

Radio & TV Broadcasting

Your audience depends on you to receive perfect sound—so you need to broadcast it. That’s why the quality of monitoring headphones must be beyond doubt. They should also keep outside noise out, and emphasize voice intelligibility. Sennheiser broadcast headsets offer all that along with intelligent features, intuitive operation, sturdy design, and high wearing comfort.


DJ headphones must be no less than a perfect assistant. They have to block outside noise, and keep the flow with intuitive operation and sturdy design. At all times they have to sound great, muster a high maximum sound pressure level, and be so comfortable to wear that they almost become a part of the head. DJ headphones from Sennheiser deliver all this with a special extra feature you see in every part and detail–decades of experience as manufacturer of high-end studio equipment.


Impossibly immersive. Record every sonic detail, from every angle, to transport your audience to the exact moment your video was captured. Signature Sennheiser sound quality, and smart features like Active Noise Cancelling and Transparent Hearing, are just the beginning. Your world is three-dimensional: make your audio 3D to match. Welcome to the Future of Audio, brought to you by Sennheiser and AMBEO.

Internet Communication

Enjoy excellent Sennheiser audio while talking over the Internet, e-learning, or gaming. Our headsets made for Internet communication are extremely lightweight and comfortable for hours of continuous use, as well as built to last a long time despite everyday wear. High-quality noise-cancelling microphones ensure that your voice is always clearly understood during your Internet conversations. While you focus on what you want to communicate, let Sennheiser make sure nothing gets lost in transmission.

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