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Hello and welcome to my Sennheiser diary once again! Coming to you straight from the road…. August is always crazy full of gigs and dates, so I’m basically sitting on airplanes day in day out…. BUT I love being on stage as much as I love being in the studio, so I look forward to this time of the year as a chance to go out and play some great music for you my friends and fans all over the place!! Plus, summertime is the best, isn’t it?? So wherever you are, this one’s for you!

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First thing: a BIG Thank You to the Sennheiser guys. They gave me as a present the amazing Urbanite XL Wireless headphones, and I am really impressed! Once again they delivered some great sound quality and design. These babies are also very practical: with a single click of a touch-control panel you can adjust volume and other stuff, and turn them on and off. Big ups on these! Love ‘em.

So: a bit of details on what went on gig-wise…

Sonus Festival was great. Congratulations to the Cosmopop team for putting on another stunning festival. This one is a 4/5 day festival on the Isle of Pag in Croatia, 3 different venues every night, strong connection with the crowd. Myself, Valentino Kanzyani, Felipe Valenzuela and Hash Hendrex took over Papaya on the 19th, and we kicked some ass there!

The Luciano & Friends at Destino in Ibiza on the 14th was one of the most successful of the season in that location: with Michel Cleis and Alexkid, the 3 of us really were on fire! The place was jampacked: from the stage I could see the crowd stretch all the way back to the hotel’s main entrance, and if you’ve been to Destino, you know what this means…

Very happy to have played also in Gijon (Spain)! This one was a free event, so it was nice and sweet to see a lot of different people in the crowd: die-hard fans, families, locals, and simply curious people who were passing by the Playa de Poniente…

Another highlight for me was the Dreambeach festival: a very diverse lineup with a lot of DJs from all styles (Techno to House, and everything in between). But very important, I got to hang out for a full day with Derrick May, one of the original pioneers of Techno, and one of my mentors! I still remember sending him demos for his Transmat imprint back in the day, demos that eventually I released on my Basaec label last year… I’m very proud of those tracks I made in my late teens. They were my very first productions, and it was pure magic to see them on vinyl finally! With Derrick we spoke a lot about some future projects, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and let’s see what happens…

More to the point: I was honoured to have Derrick play at our Vagabundos party at Space Ibiza on that weekend too. He closed off the Main Room with a bang, and I couldn’t hope for a better guest for that! Rhythim is rhythim!

On the more musical side, I have a brand new mix I did for Pete Tong’s show coming up. I actually went to Space and had the Main Room all for myself to record it… Great moments in there, with only my laptop, the mixer and the beats blaring from the speakers… A truly unique afternoon, waiting for the night to come with our weekly Vagabundos party…

One last thing: the guys from M2O (Italy’s biggest radio and digital TV exclusively dedicated to Electronic Music) showed up for a special called “A Day With… Vagabundos” in Ibiza, so stay tuned for more info in the upcoming weeks!


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