Broken bones? I don't care!


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A look backstage: Luciano takes the reader into his life as an internationally renowned dance DJ. His diary – a BlueStage exclusive. This month: Luciano travels three continents, gets excited about 17 upcoming Sundays, and enters a world of pain...

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Helloooo!! Ouch, not a nice way to start this month: I broke my foot while playing football with some friends a few weeks ago. Now I gotta have some physiotherapy sessions to get back on track… I spent a few hours with one of the best doctors here in Barcelona (he treated a good bunch of professional football players in his career) so I’m pretty sure I’m in good hands. Too bad it hurt so much when he was inspecting my foot – I think doctors like to give pain sometimes, right???

Anyway, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! I’m super happy that I made it to Time Warp Argentina (amazing dinner with the Time Warp founder Steffen Charles at La Bodega in Buenos Aires and funny times with our friend Patricio Faruch, he’s the biggest Depeche Mode fan in the world!!), Story Miami, Mission in Romania (phew, 7-hour set plus afterhour with Ricardo Villalobos), Gotha in Cannes (check out the video) and Milan for the craziness of Social Music City & Amnesia Milano (thanks for all the shoes!! I love collecting sneakers…. You guys gave me a sweet present).

Great to see so many friends (old and new) along the way…

Dancing with a broken foot is quite an experience I tell you, but I was really psyched to be on stage. The feeling of being with all of my fans over and over and to have some fun altogether is amazing!! You can’t beat this… Music is Life!!!

Space Ibiza, here I come!!

And I’m also very excited at the Ibiza season coming up!! We announced our Vagabundos party at Space Ibiza!! We’re taking over the Terrace for 17 Sundays, from June till September, and I can’t wait to be on the Island for this new adventure. I’m overwhelmed by the incredible reaction and support we’re having after we posted the news, and I’m grateful that you guys are so up for it, as much as myself and all my guys from Cadenza!! We’re gonna rock Space Ibiza, man… And with that sound system… It’s gonna be a heck of a party…

Looking forward also to the Destino Opening and to my Luciano & Friends parties there: such a beautiful location…. How cool is that, to dance to the music you love while looking at the sunset in one of Ibiza’s most spectacular venues??? So many great memories from last year, and this summer is going to be even better!!

Meanwhile, I’m here in the studio putting the final touches to some new music. Yes, you got it: I have a lot of stuff ready to play, and even more to release. The “Grace Of An Art” EP went really well, a lot of great feedback on that one. Hope you guys enjoyed the one-hour-long track I put on the included CD too…. That’s really special for me. I’m very proud of that release: it’s number 100 on the Cadenza catalog, and I’m grateful I can look back over the last ten years or so and see that we made some great music. So lucky to have a lot of amazing artists with me along this ride…

Lookout also for a remix I did for Popof on Hot Creations... Slick and tribal stuff!! It’s out now...

So: I look forward to seeing you all soon. Ibiza is around the corner, so get ready for another stunning summer!!


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