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A look backstage: Luciano takes the reader into his life as an internationally renowned dance DJ. His diary – a BlueStage exclusive. This month: Luciano and his Vagabundos Tour move into the Main Room at Space, he is nominated for the 2015 DJ Awards and talks about his share to make the world a better place.

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Hello friends!

I’m having a great time right now in Ibiza with my family. Relaxing, sunbathing and playing with my kids, while at the same time getting ready for our next Vagabundos at Space! A massage from one of the therapists at RescueMe, the new wellness experience service here on the Island, and some personal training are doing it for me big time!

It’s been an amazing ride so far here on the Island: since our opening in June, we kept growing and our fanbase is getting bigger every time. A great inspiration for myself to see all these music lovers having such a magic time on the dance floor. The Terrace at Space was the perfect nest for us to kick off our residency, so now it’s time to move on. A great memory from this first leg of parties is when we threw our Vagabundos hats to the fans on the dance floor, and everybody was dancing to the music.... A sea of black hats bobbing up and down to the beats...

Nominated for the 2015 DJ Awards!

Sunday July 19th represented a big change for us in our season: we moved into the Main Room at Space! We brought our Vagabundos-themed decorations and set ups in there, literally taking things to the next level (with a giant hat hanging over the DJ booth!). Even more craziness and great times on the night, as we shifted gears for all of us.... The sound system we provided especially for the occasion, specifically designed for this room (thank you Alban for your incredible job!) sounded HUGE! I’m very proud we gave our fans a truly immersive experience to lose themselves into sound. A big Thank You to everyone in my team for this and to all the crew at Space Ibiza for giving us this great chance!

Having all these great guests on stage with us is what really makes it special: DJ Sneak, Audiofly, Martin Buttrich, Âme, Francesco Tristano and Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts all gave their absolute best, delivering stunning performances and rocking sets. Plus, all my guys from the Cadenza camp stood up to the challenge and played some terrific music. A big shout out to Mirko Loko, Argy, Felipe Valenzuela, Franco Cinelli, Ernesto Ferreyra, Gianni Callipari, Ezikiel, Valentino Kanzyani and Michel Cleis.

FYI: The party on July 19th in the Main Room was broadcast live by the great guys at Be At Tv. Tune in at anytime for a rendition of the show here: http:// brands/space-ibiza/vagabundos-2015-week-7. It will be available after the show as well.


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